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Payment options for Kowloon Hosting mainland China customers

Kowloon Hosting generally accepts payments through Paypal and bank transfer to our company account in Hong Kong. Due to our growing customer base in China, we also offer bank transfer in RMB to a local account in Shanghai.

After placing an order, please select bank transfer, and below our company account, there will be a link to download our payment details in China (PDF file). Our accepted RMB exchange rate will also be available on the same page. After making the payment, make sure to send us an email at billing @ with the payment receipt and invoice number for us to confirm the payment and credit your account.

If you can’t find this link, simply email to our billing department to obtain this information by email.

We currently do not provide Chinese tax receipt (fapiaos) for payments made in mainland China.

The Management

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Upgrade to KowloonHosting Hong Kong shared hosting packages

KowloonHosting is happy to announce a full upgrade to all its four shared hosting packages in Hong Kong:
-The Personal package is upgraded to 5GB disk space and 50GB monthly bandwidth
-The Startup package is upgraded to 20GB disk space and 200GB monthly bandwidth
-The Business package is upgraded to 50GB disk space and 500GB monthly bandwidth
-The Enterprise package is upgraded to 100GB disk space and 1TB monthly bandwidth

Once again KowloonHosting stays at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the hosting industry in Hong Kong by providing resources far in excess of the competition while maintaining the same prices. As usual we will continue to have a focus on a sound infrastructure and optimal uptime for our clients.

Existing clients will be upgraded to the same resources in the coming days as well without any additional charge.

For any questions on the upgraded packages, please open a ticket to the sales department from our website.

The Management

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Server panda IP change

Due to the old IP being blocked in mainland China, we have changed the server panda main IP. All domains have been switched already to the new IP. If you are having issues following this change please submit a ticket to our support team for immediate assistance.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Management

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Cobra server issues

Over the last week we have experienced a hardware failure at our server ; despite our best efforts and the use of a third party data recovery firm we have been unable to get back the server disks working again.

In order to get clients back online, we will be setting up new shared and reseller hosting accounts based on the existing packages. As this will be a new server, both the IPs and nameservers will be different. Shared hosting clients who do not have their domains registered with us will need to update their domain nameservers with their current registrar.

All affected clients should receive an email from us within the next 24h. Should you not hear back from us within that time period, please submit a ticket for immediate handling.

We apologize for this issue and the data loss. Each affected customer will receive one month credit to his/her billing account with us.

Again, there is no hardrive that is 100% guaranteed against failure, we remind all clients to ensure keeping their own backups so that they are back online quickly in events like this.

The Management

Cycom Hong Kong Limited

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Kowloon Hosting now operated by Cycom Hong Kong Limited

Following an internal reorganization, Kowloon Hosting will now be operated by Cycom Hong Kong Limited. The legal change does not affect our customers, servers or operating procedures. The only difference our clients will notice is that they will be invoiced by the new company. Our banking details and Paypal account change as well.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us through our support ticket system.

The Management

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KowloonHosting can now register Chinese domain names

We are happy to announce that through a new partnership we have signed with a leading CNNIC-affiliated registrar, we are now able to offer Chinese (dot cn) domain names.

This service is available both to individuals and corporations, worldwide. Domain activation takes 2 to 3 days on average.

Please note that the domain must be hosted overseas and not in mainland China.

The cost for dot cn domains (including .cn,,, is HKD200/year

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Free proactive monitoring added to Hong Kong dedicated servers

We are happy to announce that all our dedicated servers in Hong Kong will now come with free proactive monitoring.

Starting from August 7th, 2012, all new Hong Kong dedicated servers ordered through KowloonHosting will be monitored at 5mn intervals through both ping and http. This will allow our technicians to be informed when a server becomes unreachable, so that measures can be taken quickly to investigate the issue and get back the server online.

Existing clients who would also like to be added to our monitoring system can do so by submitting a support ticket to us with their IP address.

The Management

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Emergency maintenance at Hong Kong datacenter

We have been informed this morning by our Hong Kong DC of an emergency network upgrade which will take place between 9 and 11:00PM. During that period, there will be network instability including short terms downtime. We apologize for the short notice as we were informed this morning. Multiple shared hosting servers will be affected.

We are following up with the datacenter to get the network back online as soon as possible.

The Management

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Hong Kong dedicated servers now with 3Mbps dedicated international bandwidth

We are happy to announce that starting from April 1st all our Hong Kong dedicated server packages are upgraded to 3Mbps dedicated international bandwidth. There is no additional charge to our standard prices.

The Management

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HDD failure at server Phoenix

Since this morning we are experiencing some issues with the server Phoenix. Further checks by the datacenters reveals a possible hard drive failure. The FSCK is on the way but we do not have any information on when or if the server will be back online.

As a precautionary measure we are setting up a new server to have backups restored there in case the server Phoenix couldn’t be brought back online. For clients newly signed up with accounts on this server, or clients who have their own backups and don’t need the data from the server Phoenix, please open a support ticket at to have a new account set up immediately at an existing server, so that your service could be brought back online.

We apologize for this issue but as you are aware hardware failures are not predictable. This issue is made a priority to our support team in order to minimize the overall downtime to sites affected.

The Management

Update #1
The server has been reinstalled with a new hard drive and cPanel installation is in progress. Once cPanel installation is copmlete we will be able to migrate the data from old drive to this server to get back the websites online. Please bear with us while we work on this. Thank you

Update #2
The transfer speed from our backup server being extremely slow, it might take days for accounts from this server to be restored locally. Therefore we are focusing more on the new server which is being set up and then we can restore the files from the old drive from it. This will allow to obtain up-to-date websites data. Please stand-by for further updates.

Update #3
Unfortunately the restoration from old drive is not going as smoothly as expected as we are experiencing issues in connecting cPanel to that old drive. Clients who have their own backups should submit a ticket to get a new account set up immediately as this could take again a few hours before complete resolution.

Update #4
Despite our technicians working round the clock, retrieving the data from the failed Phoenix drive is unsuccessful so far. On the other hand, about 60% of the available backups are restored and these accounts owners have been informed through the support ticket system. Once again, for clients with their own backups, please submit a ticket to have your account set up on a different server immediately.

Update #5
We have finally been able to recover the data from the failed drive and the transfer to the new drive is already started. Due to the amount of data being transferred, almost 1TB, we expect all websites to be up by 3:00PM Hong Kong. We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this issue. Clients who had their older backups restored and their sites pointed to them, will be able to change back to the Phoenix server once the sites are recovered. Further updates will be provided through individual support tickets.

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