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KowloonHosting, CloudFlare Certified Partner in Hong Kong

KowloonHosting has just become one of the first Cloudflare Certified Partners in Hong Kong!

CloudFlare is a global distributed CDN service provider which helps speed up access to websites and adds a layer of protection. Basically, it automatically replicates your website on multiple servers around the globe and when a visitor tries to access your website, it will redirect it to the nearest server. The main advantages are website access acceleration, protection from a range of online threats, and also savings in terms of your local bandwidth usage. You can learn more about CloudFlare by watching the introductory video here.

This is a free service that is offered through KowloonHosting, and to get started, you just need to log in your control panel and look for the CloudFlare icon. With two clicks, you can activate CloudFlare and your website will automatically be faster and safer to access from around the world.

CloudFlare is now installed and available on a few of our shared hosting servers. If you are placing a new order and would like to use CloudFlare, please indicate so in the order notes. Existing clients on older servers without CloudFlare installed, can request a migration to a CloudFlare enabled server through our support ticket system.

Using CloudFlare is especially recommended for websites targeting a global audience.If your website targets mainly an audience in Hong Kong or mainland China, we recommend instead to continue using KowloonHosting DNS as the improvement for using CloudFlare in this situation is at best minimal.

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